Monday, June 6, 2011

What’s Key to Managing your Keys?

Security technology and applications are evolving at an accelerating rate, driven by the recognition of the need for stronger security measures to create safer environments. Still, in every facility there will be a large number of physical keys that are in use and they must be considered when implementing or upgrading a security system. Managing and controlling access to mechanical keys provides an extra layer of protection for personnel, property and facilities and can help achieve the goal of a safer environment.

Today's cost-effective key management systems offer state-of-the-art technology. They are fully integrated access control systems which communicate across the converged network and provide security management with a wealth of information that can be used to manage and improve the facility’s overall security operation. Systems can be configured to the exact needs of the facility with custom solutions that include multiple key modules, lockers, biometric access (i.e. hand readers, fingerprint recognition) and versatile installation options.

Securing and Accessing Keys

Using Millenium products ensures that you can do the following with your operator IDs and ID Badging:

  • Produce proprietary ID cards with photos for all employees and visitors with information customized to your needs.
  • Control your own custom photo ID badging for all employees, guests, and visitors.
  • Configure to allow tenants or departments to control access on their own premises.
  • Allow security staff to log on to any workstation or over the Internet with their secure password to have instant access to Millenium.
  • Choose what features are available to each operator in the system, from simply monitoring events, to changing user access profiles, generating reports, and other powerful features.
  • Know that all Millenium® operators must provide their password to log on to the system. Different operators may have different privileges, such as permission to view employees’ home phone numbers or other information.
  • Zero in on problem areas instantly with the live site map and react fast with an on-line listing of your emergency procedures.
  • Check out the high-quality Millenium products at and find the best one to fit your needs or your client’s needs.
Scalable and Modular Systems
Sophisticated key management allows for a wide range of configuration and installation options, including controlling access to other items which need to be secured. Security in the 21st Century is a 24-hour commitment. Millenium Xtra is at your fingertips to meet these important demands anytime, from anywhere you have Internet access. A highly advanced access control software system, Millenium Xtra runs directly from your browser. This means that the complete suite of access control functions is managed without needing specialized client software on local machines.
You don’t need dedicated workstations or a dedicated security network, just a PC, Web browser, Web or LAN/WAN connection. Any alarm event can be sent automatically to your text-enabled cell phone, PDA or e-mail address. Highly secure communication protocols and 128 bit SSL encryption options ensure access for authorized company security personnel only.
Maximizing the System
Today’s access control systems deliver ample testament to the bottom-line benefits of key control in a security plan and help to ensure that the dollars spent confront security threats while integrating seamlessly within the security system. 

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